Design Process

It’s one thing to say we can create a kitchen that meets your needs, but what does that really mean?

At some places it means you go into the showroom and choose from one of their ready-made designs. It’s a fast and easy process, but it doesn’t necessarily result in you getting the kitchen that’s right for you.

The Rogan design process is different. It’s not about selling out our inventory; it’s about making sure you get the kitchen you want. That’s why we start by learning about you. The first thing you’ll do is meet with one of our designers, who will ask you a few questions:  Do you have a big family? Do you entertain a lot? What would you like to do in your kitchen? Which colours and styles do you like?

Next, we visit your kitchen and bring our tape measures with us. We measure every space in your kitchen – your walls, your windows and your appliances. Every kitchen is different, and we need to make sure we design something that works for you and your family.

Once that’s done, we take your needs, your tastes and the physical realities of your space and we put them together by creating a computerized 3-D image of your new kitchen. We then show you the image and give you a chance to make changes to it. Then it’s time to choose your cabinets.  We have cherry, maple, oak, birch, pine, painted or thermoplastic cabinets available.

The next step is pricing. We’ll send you a quote for the full cost of materials and labour. Once you approve it, we’ll order everything we need so that we can start the next phase, the installation process.