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getting ready for install

It's time to get ready for your install.  There are a few things that you need to make sure you do before we arrive.

  • Remove all cabinets and appliances from the existing kitchen.This will ensure the installer has ample space to work.  Rogan Kitchens will provide a tear out service for an additional charge if required.

  • If any plumbing or electrical work is required please ensure it is completed before the installation of the kitchen.  All exposed wiring must be capped and in its appropriate place.  If you require the services of an electrician or plumber we can provide you with contact information for licensed contractors.  We also will make available floor plans of your kitchen for any subcontractor.

  • Any new floor installations should be completed prior to install of the kitchen.  If you are adding flooring after the kitchen installation it may require additional charges to the install price.

  • Clear access to the home and kitchen for delivery purposes would be greatly appreciated.

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