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install guidelines

Our installers are professional independent contractors that represent the Rogan kitchen Family.  A typical kitchen install can range from one to three business days.  Installers will show up on site with all the necessary tools to complete the job.  They will require access to electrical outlets to operate their equipment.  We ask that sufficient work space is made available for the ease of installation, this includes having the kitchen area cleared of all clutter including appliances.  Their duties will include the installation of your new kitchen cabinets, counter tops and accessories.  Once complete they will do a general clean-up of the area and remove all garbage and clutter.

Our Installers are not responsible for any plumbing or electrical, unless arrangements have been made with your designer for these services to be provided.  Rogan Kitchens is not responsible for the installation of your appliances unless they are purchased from us.  If you are unsure of any procedure please feel free to ask your designer. 


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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